About Gabriella Almassy


Originally certified in standard hypno-therapeutic techniques suitable for the treatment of phobias, habit modification (weight loss, stopping smoking, nail biting etc) and lifestyle issues (confidence building, stress management etc), Gabriella followed her area of personal interest and became qualified as a Past Life Regressionist.

Wanting to progress even further, she completed a course in Life Between Lives hypnosis.

And while still being an active practitioner of her original skills, her emphasis nowadays is to help people experience worlds beyond their memories – and even beyond the imagination!

About hypnosis

For those who imagine hypnosis as being the domain of mind control and entertainment, it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that the "hypnotic state" is something we experience possibly on a daily basis.

To put it in simple terms, hypnosis is a natural and relaxed state of the body (similar to day-dreaming) where the critical part of the consciousness steps aside and takes an observing position, to let the sub-conscious accept guidance from the therapist with the goal of achieving targets that we may believe to be beyond our will power.

Sometimes a client will not even realise that they have been hypnotised, as it is such a natural state to be in. They also remain conscious and aware the whole time, and can recall all that they wish to after completion of the session.

The Sessions

The sessions are held in a quiet side-street of Auckland's North Shore.

The session begins with a discussion between Gabriella and the client to help to explain what is involved in the procedure, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnosis.

The chat also helps Gabriella learn more about the client and which techniques are most suitable for the client so the session can be adapted to best serve them.

After the session, another discussion is held to comment on any significant issues or events that arose. The client is also able to choose to have their session recorded and put on beautifully personalised CD (as either audio CD for a stereo, or MP3 CD for computer) for them to review at any time in the future.

Sessions are currently available on weekends and sometimes on Mondays and Fridays. Please allow enough time for the session to be completed without time pressures breaking concentration.

Also note that no therapy can be guaranteed. While hypnosis is both a historical and revolutionary form of development, it is not magic nor an imposition of wills.

The level of success of any session will be greatly influenced by the desire of the client, as well as their ability to let themselves be guided by the practitioner.

Hypnosis is not a state forced upon an unwilling participant. It is a state of deep relaxation that the client arrives at by their own will and the guidance of the therapist.

Hypnotherapy Services Available

  • Past Life Regression
  • Life Between Lives
  • Conventional Therapy
  • Qualifications

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is the application of hypno-therapeutic techniques to guide the client through early childhood experiences, and then beyond into situations that were experienced by the individual even before the current life they are living – a past life (or lives).

Many people are able to visit multiple incarnations of their time on the Earth, existing as either male or female, of different race, geographic location and point in history.

This journey can be traveled for reason of getting to know oneself, to understand needs in this life, or to help address and heal possible issues that may be faced by the individual in everyday life.

A single session may last 2 to 3 hours, and is dependent on the feedback from the client and the number of past lives visited.

Life Between Lives Regression

Upon a successful PLR session, a client may wish to experience the spiritual world that is inhabited by the souls in what could be termed their "natural" habitat. This is a place where energy replaces matter, and one can learn the reasons that they chose to be who they are in this life, and what goals they may have set themselves.

Some even experience the sensation of interacting with the higher beings that populate this ethereal plane and get to witness the side of life that is beyond the comprehension of the limited three-dimensional habitat that appears to contain us.

This is the experience of Life Between Lives Regression (LBL). It is a journey that can open one's eyes to things that cannot be seen. To say it is a once in a lifetime experience would be inaccurate – perhaps it is a once between lifetimes experience!

An LBL session can take 5 or 6 hours to complete, and requires that the client have previously completed a PLR session (either with Gabriella, or another practitioner).

Additionally, at the completion of every LBL session, the client is provided with gift vouchers to the value of $100, able to be used in any future hypnotherapy session(s) with Gabriella.

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Conventional Therapy

While putting most of her energy into helping people experience and understand their spiritual existence, Gabriella still offers assistance to those seeking a helping hand with more Earth-bound goals in their lives.

Hypnosis can be an effective way of helping people to learn new behaviours, or change their self image.

Many of our habits are actually rooted somewhere in our subconscious, and the habits form as a consequence of some fear or issue that we have long suppressed. Hypnosis has the advantage of being able to let the client deal directly with the subconscious and resolve the underlying issue rather than just trying to prevent the symptoms.

In a similar way, self-image and confidence problems are frequently the result of past experiences. The experiences may have no relevance now, yet a person can still feel unable to overcome years of doubt even though consciously they know that they shouldn't feel that way. It is if the subconscious is resisting what the conscious is telling it.

Hypnosis can bring the message directly to the subconscious where it can be accepted more easily by the individual instead of being blocked. It can also subconsciously link rewards with positive actions providing enhanced will power.

In practice, this means that people are more able to change undesirable habits (e.g. smoking, nervous twitches) or perhaps unlearn the negative reinforcement they could have experienced during their lifetime. This can assist not only in the breaking of bad habits, but the creation of desired ones – eating vegetables, exercising more, wanting to study to name but a few.

It should be understood though, that effective as it often is, one session of hypnosis will seldom be able to reverse a lifetime of behaviour. You can expect to require several sessions to overcome a persistent problem in all but the most exceptional of cases

I obtained my original Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy through Alpha Hypnosis Training, New Zealand, and currently am a professional member of the NZAPH.

Following that I had additional training to become a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist trained by the Holistic Healing Centre, New York

Following these qualifications, I have become a Certified Life Between Lives Therapist trained by The Newton Institute, California